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Organic Explorer 3rd Ed - OUT NOW

Become an Organic Explorer

Third edition of this tourism guidebook with a difference!

New Zealand's foremost eco-tourism book Organic Explorer (3rd edition) takes you behind the ‘clean-green-speak' to discover wilderness experiences that most New Zealanders and travellers to our shores only dream about.

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Prioritising Food Purchases - Ooooby

Written by Pete Russell. This is a summary of considerable dialogue on the matter of where our food comes from...


Real Kiwi environmental efforts on big screen

Mayors, politicians, critics and members of the public are raving about the New Zealand documentary Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku which screens in Matakana tomorrow, Wednesday 17 June. » Read more

Organic Food and Local Produce Market

Growing conventional crops in the same place year after year has been described as mining the soil for minerals.  Layers of topsoil blow away each year after tilling and are never replaced, leading eventually to dust-bowls where only gorse can make a living. » Read more

Green Drinks and Lynda Hallinan

One of the first things the Opotiki Transition Town group did after our first public meeting in November was to establish our own regular Green Drinks.  We’ve been meeting and welcoming new people to join the korero ever since. » Read more

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