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Timebank Kaitaia Presentation Booklet



Above link to Timebanking Kaitaia Presentation Booklet. Feel free to move or revamp :)

Stupermarket break out!

I found this, when browsing the blogs on www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs. I've often wondered what it would take to disconnect from the corporate food system...

Stupermarket break out!

by Rachel Lalchan

It's been over 13 months since we shopped in a large, intense, brightly lit, empire of grocery consumerism and I'm happy to report that life sans supermarket is not only viable but quite wonderful! With no intention of going back, I hope you will consider quitting too!

The thing about supermarkets is that there's really nothing super about them. Ripping off farmers and producers both here and abroad, selling cheap products at huge cost to suppliers, tricking us into buying far more than we need, producing tonnes of unrecyclable waste, filling our landfills, upping CO2 emissions, encouraging detrimental consumer habits, grabbing land from local ownership, promoting unhealthy over-processed crud disguised as 'food', destroying local communities and values as well as our own farming industry, I mean really, what's super about any of that?!

To ensure that farming can continue in the UK as part of our sustainable present and future and that we can feed ourselves instead of relying on other countries for our nutrition, we need to stop supporting supermarket shopping. It has proved to be an unhealthy, unsustainable and unethical method of putting food on our tables. » Read more

Ooooby Box, not just unveiled, but delivered

Yesterday was momentous. If you have been following Ooooby news, you'll know that a number of people have been beavering away on this one for the last three months. Well yesterday we delivered, and it was Fun! (3.5 min video)

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Local Food Everywhere

www.ooooby.org went live last night!

This is the story of the first Ooooby food box - being installed in Auckland, NZ. This is about connecting growers and eaters in a community in the most efficient manner.

It's about the growing and intersecting communities of interest using the readily available technology and readily available resources, to organise. With a focus on the small, intensive, local growers who use the most natural soil regenerating methods, the Ooooby Box is facilitating the distribution of healthy food for local consumption.

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Transition Towns in the Media

A while ago I set up a Google search and reader that finds links if Transition Towns appears in the news anywhere. I was astounded to find 25 new items when I looked today! Here are 16 of them!

Timing is right for transition
Southern Highland News, Australia - 3 hours ago
CANWin member Kathy Biddlecombe said the petition had succeeded in raising awareness of the Transition Town movement in the community and among council

Life After Oil: Designing the Transition
Los Angeles Streetsblog, CA - 10 hours ago
Join us as we explore the Transition Towns concept that is catching on like wildfire in the UK. What Can We Do about peak oil and global warming?

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