Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap

The Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap

Sat 25th July, 7:30 pm, Mapua Hall


Please join us for the Mapua Big Night Out Clothes Swap. As well as having a great social night out and scoring some new winter/spring clothes for free you will also be helping to fundraise for some local environmental projects as well as supporting recycling in our community.

Tickets cost just $20. » Read more

Transport Group


Participants :

David Hutton, Joanna Santa Barbara, Janet Taylor, Simon Clearwater, Jenny Easton.


• 3 Different ideas :

  • - booking systems :TDC website - use Mapua as a trial. TDC willing to assist.
  • - J Ride , Take-a-Mate Golden Bay.
  • - Safety

• flexibility and back-up for car pooling

  • - armband /flag ideas
  • - payment ideas (Golden Bay suggests $1 per 10km - legality issues ?)

• hitch-hiking. Willing to pay?

• Nationwide - start local » Read more

Business Group


Group administrator is Janet Taylor

Join this group by emailing


Participants :

David  Kemp, Bruno Lemke, Janet Taylor, Carolyn Hughes, David Gallagher, Joanna Santa Barbara, Paula Short

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The contact person for the community group is Roger Waddell

To join this group email

Participants :

Roger Waddell, Hilary Blundell, Hugh Gordon, John Grungy, Christine Gillespie, Robin Simpson, David Kemp, Janet Taylor, Adele Smith, Charlie Goulter, Bruno Lemke. » Read more

Waste Group

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Energy Group


The administrator for the energy group is Hilary Blundell

To join the group email » Read more

Food Group


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the power of community

The Power of Community: how Cuba survived peak oil


When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990 Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. With imports of crude oil cut by more than half -and food by 80 percent-people were desparate. This film tells of the hardships and struggles as well as the community and creativity of the Cuban people.

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Eco lending library

Eco Lending Library


We would like to stimulate some information sharing within the community. If you have any great books you would like to share with others then please either post them here or contact Paula at to be added to the library.

We need the title and author of the book, a short summary of its content and your name and contact details.

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Mapua homepage

Welcome to Mapua's Transition Town webpage!


Mapua has joined the growing numbers of community's all over New Zealand that are becoming active in creating a more sustainable future.


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