Koanga Garden Internship Opportunity 2011-12

Koanga is now accepting applications for Summer 2011-12 Garden Interns.

Koanga Seed GardenThe Position: Koanga Garden Intern
Date of Internship: December 1st 2011 – March 30th 2012
Application form: » Read more

Useful reference info for transition - content request

The Sustainable Living Education Trust will be re-designing its content in 2011 to make more information available  on the website at and also providing gateways to the information plus neighbourhood study groups and classes via pages for each participating council area. We invite suggestions from TT participants across New Zealand on what info resources would be most useful, to test against those we have and are planning. To discuss call Rhys on 021 462 260 or email from the SL website.

Koanga Permaculture Design Course

The Koanga Institute is holding a Permaculture Design Course in April 2011.(April 9-22) » Read more

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Food gadens in the city - workshops 2011

MEVP Workhops for 2011:
Food gardens in the city:

All of our workshops are designed to teach you to grow your own food and live a more sustainable life. So far we offer 13 workshops for 2011, from Square foot gardening, keeping chickens, fruit tree pruning and more.

For more information please go to:

Addington Coffee Co-Op cafe hosts Sustainable Living sessions

The cooperative-run cafe in Lincoln Road, Christchurch will host Sustainable Living sessions in November 2010 from 7.30pm Weds 10th.  Just turn up, with $5 (includes a cuppa) for the first session, which is mostly on backyard gardening for food,  and help choose the topics for three following sessions whilst you are there. Options include eco-building and energy efficiency, shopping and waste minimisation, travel choices for lower-carbon lifestyles, water impacts and conservation, and community resilience. » Read more

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10/10/10 Global climate working bee in Mt Eden Village - Updates

Here are some updates from the Mount Eden Village People:
The support from our community has been absolutely amazing. It really makes me so happy and proud to live in Mt Eden Village.

I recently put the posters up in our local shops and the response has been very positive. One of our local shops, the Essential Deli, has offered to donate the food for our working bees celebration on the day. Others are happy to come up with something for our treasure hunt and the raffle tickets (all food related, no stuff) and to collect vegetable leftovers for our compost bin workshop on the day. » Read more

Learning To Share - Gardeners Cultivating More than Just Crops

The article below appeared in the Dominion Post 20 June 09

Learning to share
Hannah Zwartz

These gardeners are cultivating more than just crops.

Four keen Brooklyn gardeners are growing more than just food in their shared plot. The group comes together to grow vegetables in the garden of a community-minded 85-year-old who, for privacy reasons, we'll call Mrs G. » Read more

Real Kiwi environmental efforts on big screen

Mayors, politicians, critics and members of the public are raving about the New Zealand documentary Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku which screens in Matakana tomorrow, Wednesday 17 June. » Read more

A Renters Gardening Diary

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Great story about Victory Gardens and self-reliance

WW2 began in September 1939, and food rationing began in January 1940 just about the time my Grandfather reached retiring age. He had always been a knowledgeable gardener and grown vegetables and fruit for his family. Through frugality and good domestic economy he and my grandmother succeeded in buying a home of their own. Now they carefully planned their personal wartime campaign - a Victory Garden. » Read more

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