Trish Allen's Trip to Cuba,

Thursday 8th May, 7pm to 9:30.

“20 years on - Cuba's social, political and agricultural adjustments to a post-oil economy.  What lessons are there for us?"

Trish Allen (remember Rainbow Valley Farm?) talks about her recent trip to Cuba for the International Permaculture Congress. » Read more

Economic growth - the challenge of solving an impossibility theorem

Thursday April 10th, 7:00 to 9:30pm

As Measured by GPD - We Have A Rock Star Economy.  So Why Are So Many People Still Struggling? And What About the Environmental Cost?

Dr. Christoph Schumacher questions the adequacy of GDP and faces the challenge of the Capitalist's paradox - an impossibility theorem. » Read more

Dave Clendon on Local Economies being important for closing the income gap and creating a more equal society.

Thursday March 13th, 7:00 - 9:30pm

“Local Economies Close the Income Gap and Everyone Wins.”

David Clendon speaking on - "The Spirit Level", Local Economies and Better Communities.

"The Spirit Level", by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, presents evidence that more equal societies do better than less equal ones on many social measures; educational performance, heath and life expectancy, for ex » Read more

Te Tiriti and Environmental Action Workshop

Te Tiriti and Environmental Action Workshop: 10am Saturday 20th - 4pm Sunday 21st March 2010

» Read more

Transition Warkworth presents Power of Community- How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

TT Warkworth monthly meeting, Friday September 12th, 7.30 pm Catholic Church Hall. » Read more

Benefit Screening of Garbage Warrior - Stanmore Bay - Friday 15 August

FILM NET screens GARBAGE WARRIOR as Benefit for Stanmore Bay School

See www.filmnet.org.nz for all the details!

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