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Grey Lynn Farmers Market - Sep 6th

Get ready all you Grey Lynn'ers, the Ooooby stall at the Grey Lynn Farmer's Market will welcome your produce.

Here's an article from Stuff. Farmers' markets are known for showcasing local produce but a new Auckland initiative is taking the concept further in a model organisers hope will be repeated around the country.

Due to start on September 6th, the Grey Lynn farmers' market aims to get ordinary city dwellers with a penchant for growing veges in their backyard, or even those with an over-productive lemon tree, to sell alongside the professionals.

Dubbed an urban food market, locals will be able to exchange vegetables or fruit at the community table, while enthusiasts looking to make money off their own garden can hire a space at a stall from $20. Work on making the idea a reality started last year.

Development manager Vincent Dickie, recently returned from overseas, was surprised to notice Auckland supermarkets were selling Californian oranges when he could see the fruit lying rotting on the ground in his neighbourhood. Since then a group of active volunteers have contributed time and energy to making it happen.

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