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Airtight eHaus a success » Read more

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Help support Lyttelton community-led earthquake response

Help Lyttelton community rebuild from the grassroots up! Project Lyttelton and the Time Bank are leading an innovative, heart based community response to the earthquake. » Read more

A new farming paradigm - Terraquaculture

Professor Haikai Tane and Kama Burwell will present Terraquaculture Training - a 4 day workshop from 6-10 April 2011.

They aim to train a new generation of farmers who will transform Aotearoa NZ's pastoral landscapes into highly productive, regenerative, healthy landscapes.

Terraquaculture is the traditional farming system of the Pacific-Asia region - farming the living water that flows through the landscape. » Read more

Weekly Eco Market in New Brighton

New Brighton Project is currently working on establishing NZ’s first weekly Eco Market in New Brighton

which will be launched on the 31st of October, 10am-2pm.

We are still looking for stallholders, workshop presenters and non-profit organisations who would like to be part of this exciting venture.

Here some examples of what we are looking for: » Read more

Earthbag Building in Raglan

getting there

We have bee working in the last 3 weeks to create a beautiful earth dome at Solscpae in Raglan. We have been held up by lots of rain. This kind of building is great as it is not expensive but it is durable and can be built by any group of people who take the time and care to work together.


National Tour- The Art of Scything

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