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 Fruit trees for Auckland - a community project to bring free fruit into our city

On Sunday the 29th of July 2012, we provided 520 fruit trees to local schools, early childhood centres and Transition Town groups. All 520 fruit trees from the 2012 project now have their roots down all over Auckland.  The 3 main aims with this project are to support families with lowering their grocery bills, encourage local food production, and teach children how to plant and care for fruit trees. We'd like to thank all the teachers, parents and volunteers for getting involved and sharing our vision of free and healthy food. » Read more

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Help support Lyttelton community-led earthquake response

Help Lyttelton community rebuild from the grassroots up! Project Lyttelton and the Time Bank are leading an innovative, heart based community response to the earthquake. » Read more

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Fruit tree planting on Maungawhau

What a great turnout for our fruit tree planting day on Mangawhau on Saturday 14th of August. A rainy day is apparently the best day to plant trees, so this was definitely the perfect day to dig in!

Thank you to everyone involved for taking action in transforming our community into a more sustainable place. This was a team effort to bring free and healthy food into to Mount Eden that will be a nice treat on your walk up Maungawhau. » Read more

TT Port Chalmers Public transport meeting - Otago Daily Times

By Stu Oldham on Fri, 9 Jul 2010
Your Town: Port Chalmers | News: Dunedin | ORC | Public transport

An increased council subsidy for regional bus services might reduce the isolation of some Dunedin communities, while boosting how much people have to spend in their local economies, a sustainable living advocate says. » Read more

Kiwis for 350 LAST WEEKEND

Sorry to shout - but want the whole country to hear. We really need people in every market (not just our Dunedin one marvellous though it is) and street corner etc getting petitions this weekend. If a slowish quietish start can get us 1,000 confirmed signatures in Dunedin alone, a big obvious push can really make the politicians (and media)take notice.

So please grab a clipboard, petition, and friend/s and go stand somewhere obvious and help wherever and whenever you can.

Many thanks in advance


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