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Buses and Trains, What About Boats?

It's becoming clear to me that boats are going to become a really important part of transport and trade between communities in these islands as the world goes down the other side of the fossil fuel bell curve. The other day a few of us were poring over a map of Aotearoa, looking at Karamea, Golden Bay, Marahau, Motueka, and even Wellington, and how they could all be linked much more closely by boat than by road or rail. Water transport could even help to link Wellington with the Hutt, Kapiti, Wairarapa etc if the roads were to become impassable. » Read more

Ideology Trumps Common Sense

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these graphs and see if you can make any sense of the government's response to oil prices rising and it's transport policy. Damned if I can. (hat tip to Auckland Transport blog and frog blog)

Traffic volumes on State Highways have not increased since 2005. » Read more

Urgent - letter to ODT supporting public transport

Hi all I was hugely heartened by Phillip Cole's piece in the ODT yesterday, and thought it would be well worth our supporting it. I have drafted a letter to the editor. If you are interested, could you please add your name to it, copied below and send back to me by tomorrow morning. Wednesday. You don't have to be a PCTT local, as I've added the word 'supporter' and anyway this is a city-wide issue. It would be good to get feedback on the letter too - has been drafted in a bit of a hurry but think the most important thing is to get its message out there asap. Regards Nicky

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Which Wellington-region council candidates support sustainable transport options?

The Sustainable Wellington Region Transport group asked local body election candidates for their views on key transport projects in the region, such as the Basin Reserve flyover, light rail for Wellington, and the Kapiti Expressway. » Read more

TT Port Chalmers Public transport meeting - Otago Daily Times

By Stu Oldham on Fri, 9 Jul 2010
Your Town: Port Chalmers | News: Dunedin | ORC | Public transport

An increased council subsidy for regional bus services might reduce the isolation of some Dunedin communities, while boosting how much people have to spend in their local economies, a sustainable living advocate says. » Read more

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Public Transport

I just wanted to express how public transport in New Zealand is not nearly getting enough funds from the government. Why must we make it increasingly convenient for people who drive public cars to bring them into the city centre and clog our streets?

Here's another blog that partly shows lack of transit in NZ: » Read more

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