There are transition town groups in: Brooklyn, Hataitai, Johnsonville, Karori, Lower Hutt, Ngaio, Upper Hutt, Wadestown, and Wellington South.

There is a regional Wellington Transition Town steering committee, but it mostly serves as a networking and sharing of experience hub, rather than attempting to dictate actions or processes to local groups.
Background on Wellington Initiatives

We had our first Transition Towns of Wellington meeting in November 2007. We felt that because Wellington is a reasonably large area, it makes sense to create Transition Initiatives by suburb or suburb groups initially. However, we still need to network regularly as a whole to meet, share experiences and do some planning towards Transition Town Wellington!

Since that first Wellington meeting, Transition Initiatives have been popping up all over Wellington - the response has been amazing! So many capable people are stepping up to bring this movement to their local communities. Change is in the air...

Join the Wellington Email Group

Inventory of resources

Criteria for 'official' TT status

Initial thoughts on governance

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A Crude Awakening - Wellington

Where: Newtown Community Centre, cnr Rintoul and Columbo Sts
When: 8th July, 7 pm - 9 pm

We're showing the documentary 'A Crude Awakening'. It's a lot like End of Suburbia, only better. » Read more

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Public meeting - Wellington South

Who: Everyone!

Where: Newtown Community Centre

When: Wednesday 23rd of July, 7pm

On the 8th of July we screened the documentary 'A Crude Awakening' and as this meeting is the first since that, there will probably be some things from the documentary to discuss.

If people who are not very familiar with the Transition Towns concept, then we may talk about that for a while... Clearly the agenda for this meeting is still being finalised, so please feel free to add your own agenda items

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Green Drinks in the Capital City

SBN in conjunction with Intersect, The Sustainability Trust and NZAEE are delighted to invite you to attend Green Drinks in the Capital. Come along to Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant to hear the finalists of the 2008 Get Sustainable Awards being announced! Enjoy good company and a drink in a relaxed and informal environment. Nibbles will also be provided and are kindly sponsored by the venue.

Venue: The Lodge, Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant, 39 Abel Smith Street, Wellington

Past events

Rimu says: "Below is some content that was on the introduction page. I cut it out and put it here because the events are of historical interest only, and the intro page was getting cluttered" » Read more

Peak Oil Presentation - TT Aro Valley

Peak Oil Public Presentation - 2nd August

  • Why has the price of petrol gone up so much?

  • How can we adapt to make Aro Valley resilient to rising food and transport costs?

  • Bring your ideas and enthusiasm!

Meet with us: Saturday 2nd August

Time: 7.30 - 9pm

Venue: Aro Valley Community Centre, Aro Valley » Read more

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Notes from meeting 23 July 08

Our largest meeting so far, some new people came :-)


Food/permaculture sub-group created! Zac and Rowan to steer it.

The creation of a new community garden is being looked into.

Next Film screening

Our next film screening will be of the 'Power of Community' documentary about Cuba. A positive one to balance the last two films.

Charlotte will arrange the venue in Island Bay.

Zac will do posters / leaflets

Press releases by Johanna

Projector finding - Rimu » Read more

Agenda for next public meeting

If you intend to come to the meeting, please add agenda items below!


Ideas: Start the meeting in groups, defining TT and what its role is (come up with our own plan and ideas)

Come up with a possitive vision of the future and how it could be better than it is today

Go round each person and each say one thing we want to do personally

Come up with some positive action we can take as a group. like the idea of permablitz on willing peoples back yards. » Read more

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Wellington hub meeting

Ideally this meeting will have one or two representatives from each TT group in the Wellington region. It doesn't need to be the same people as last time, but it would be best if it was.

VENUE: WCC Meeting Room #2 in the Wellington City Council building, entrance off Wakefield St. (note, no food, dinner afterwards?)

Runs from 5.30 to 7.30pm » Read more

Notes from Public Meeting 2008-07-16

Steering group: present—Barbara, Belinda, Tom; apologies—Dawn; absent—Edwina; notes—Tom.

Belinda gave an intro on Transition Towns, Barbara introduced and then played End of Suburbia, followed by a short discussion.

18 people plus 5 TT people attended, most of who had been before. 9 people had registered their names through the website. National MP Stephen Franks and CityLife News reporter Christa Smalligan were there. 2 people were interested in joining the transport group, and 2 more for the food group.

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Steering group summary 10 July 08

This is just what Rimu remembers. Please edit this page and add your own comments!

Present: representatives from all central Wellington groups, Hutt Valley and Kapiti.


Media » Read more

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Draft organisation chart for wellington region

At the last wellington hub meeting there was some discussion about where the hub fits in with the local groups, and some confusion over what things are called. This diagram is the result of some of the things that were said. It is a suggestion for how things might work, nothing is set in stone. Your comments on this would be great! :) » Read more

Ideas from latest film screening

Ideas for a sustainable community
These were posted on the wall using post-it notes See photos here. Home
  • install solar panels
  • insulate walls
  • wood powered heating
  • solar heated hot water
  • walk to work or ride the bus more
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Film screening went well!

Transition Towns Wellington South

About 55 people turned up on a very chilly Tuesday evening to watch 'A Crude Awakening'.

The discussion afterwards easily surpassed my expectations, I thought everyone would be pretty knocked out after 1.5 hours of sedentary film watching... I expect there will be even more at the next public meeting.

Huge thanks to Patrick for facilitation and the rest of the steering committee for the parts they played in pulling everything together!

Are We on a Road to Nowhere?

Transition Town Brooklyn invites you to an evening of film and lively debate on Brooklyn’s transport challenges.

Film: End of Suburbia (80 mins)

Time: July 16, 2008 at 7pm
Location: Brooklyn Community Centre
Street: 18 Harrision Street
City/Town: Brooklyn, Wellington
Contact Info: 04 970 1091 » Read more

Notes from Public Meeting 2008-06-18

10 people used the website to registere their interest in attending.

Past events

Wednesday 7 May, 6-8pm
Public meeting
Newtown Community Centre, corner Rintoul and Colombo Sts » Read more

From Plot to Pot - Grow Your Own Dinner

Guest Speaker Betsy Kettle will present practical advice on starting your own back (or front) garden vege patch and other neighbourhood initiatives.

Transition Town Brooklyn invites you, friends & neighbours to:

MEET WITH US: Wednesday 18 June 7- 9pm

VENUE: Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street

SPEAKER: Betsy Kettle is an urban permaculture facilitator, ex-landscape architect, horticulture tutor and member of Sustainable North Trust based in Auckland » Read more

Notes from meeting at Penthouse:

Post-Meeting Catchup

Present—Dawn, Tom; apologies—Barbara, Belinda; absent—Edwina; Minutes—Tom

After expenses we have $52.20 koha left (the first time we've had excess). Tom to note expenses from last meeting.

Feedback from Jayne who talked to the people around her at the meeting: most people came for the topic (which was permaculture). One person who knew about permaculture already didn't learn anything new from Andrew's talk but was inspired by the movie on Cuba. » Read more

Random notes from meeting at Penthouse:


We introduced ourselves to city councillor Iona Pannett

TT meeting about the upcoming public meeting on 23rd

Penthouse Manager

We met with Ian the manager of the Penthouse. Their rate for community groups is: » Read more

Transition Town Brooklyn – Notes of Meeting 19 March 2008

Present (full names & contact details will be posted on wiki): Marc, Alison, Eva, Karen, Chris, Tom, Belinda, Dawn, Barbara, Marie, Anne, Annie, Edwina, Gary, Paul Bruce, Paul Blaschke

The meeting agreed to focus on looking at ‘The 12 Key Steps of Transition’, which are from the UK model developed in Totnes, England. The Steps provide a framework to help groups be robust and gives them a process to follow. Most of the meeting then concentrated on steps 1 & 2. » Read more

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