There are transition town groups in: Brooklyn, Hataitai, Johnsonville, Karori, Lower Hutt, Ngaio, Upper Hutt, Wadestown, and Wellington South.

There is a regional Wellington Transition Town steering committee, but it mostly serves as a networking and sharing of experience hub, rather than attempting to dictate actions or processes to local groups.
Background on Wellington Initiatives

We had our first Transition Towns of Wellington meeting in November 2007. We felt that because Wellington is a reasonably large area, it makes sense to create Transition Initiatives by suburb or suburb groups initially. However, we still need to network regularly as a whole to meet, share experiences and do some planning towards Transition Town Wellington!

Since that first Wellington meeting, Transition Initiatives have been popping up all over Wellington - the response has been amazing! So many capable people are stepping up to bring this movement to their local communities. Change is in the air...

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Inventory of resources

Criteria for 'official' TT status

Initial thoughts on governance

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Transition Town Brooklyn

Public meeting - 20 February 2008

Held at Brooklyn Community Centre, Harrison Road

In Attendance: Belinda Sharp, Dawn Baggaley, Marc Slade, Anita Kleezman, Marie Russell, Tom Robinson, Jennie McMurran, Barbara Gibb, Don Northcott, Juanita McKenzie » Read more

Meeting 23 April 2008: Transition Towns

Notes: Tom

A small group. Barbara gave introductions and we watched An Intro to Transition Towns with Jo Duff, followed by an update from the steering group and group discussion.

Paul Bruce informed us of City Safari: » Read more

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Royal Society Panel discussion: "Should we drill the Great South Basin?"

New Zealand Geophysical Society

Panel discussion:  "Should we drill the Great South Basin?"

Date: Thursday 17 July 2008, 7:30-8:30 pm,
Science House (RSNZ premises) Turnbull St, Thorndon
Free entry » Read more

The Power of Community - Aro valley

• Are rising petrol and food prices a concern for you and your family?
• Does climate change worry you?
• How can you and your family do something small but empowering?

Transition Towns Aro Valley invites friends & neighbours to

MEET WITH US: Monday 7 July
TIME: 7 - 9 pm
VENUE: ‘The Castle’, 327 Willis St, Aro Valley (big yellow building!)

FEATURING: Film “Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”, an inspiring account of Cuba’s transition to self-sufficiency and resilience. » Read more


Step # 5 calls for forming subgroups. Though it is still early the Wellington central group agreed that:

  1. Many subgroups are best coordinated city wide (eg. Transport, Local Government).
  2. The 12 step process is running and can run concurrently.

We have drawn up an initial subgroup list to encourage thought about the larger project. We invite people to consider where their passions lie and self-select. It may be useful to work on Step # 4. The Great Unleashing before these groups formalise. » Read more

Transition Towns of Wellington - Steering Group Minutes Dec 10th 2007

Present Nicola, Stuart, Paul, Juanita, Marc, Gary (observing)

Apologies Belinda, Dawn, Natalie, Emet, Iona

Meeting the Transition Towns Criteria » Read more

Wellington Steering Group Minutes 20080117

Present: Juanita, Nicola, Stu, Natalie, Gary, Belinda

Appologies: Paul, Celia

Regular meetings

It was agreed that we would hold steering group meetings on the 2nd monday of every month 6pm at Trax. Nicola to add to calendar » Read more

Wellington Meeting Minutes 20080130

Second meeting 30 Jan 2008 held at Centre for Global Action

Outline of the meeting (feel free to add to this if you were there)

Community Currencies

Nicola spoke briefly about community currencies, suggesting that it would be good to upskill prior to Miguels visit in April so that we are able to make the most of his expertise on this subject. It would be great to screen "Money As Debt" at the next meeting (March 26th) and have a speaker lined up to answer questions afterwards. Will email round the group to check interest in this. » Read more


In the spirit of open accounting here are the TT of Wellington accounts: » Read more

Wellington Inventory

This is where we will list all resources that we have in the Wellington area. It may be better to have suburb based resource pages, but let's start with this and see how we go.

Films and Books

Juanita has many DVD's she is happy to lend out, just email her. » Read more

Nicolas Book And DVD Library

These are books and DVD's that I have bought to share with TToW. If you would like to borrow any of the below, email me.


Stuffed and Starved - Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System - by Raj Patel

Carbon Neutral by 2020 - How New Zealanders can tackle climate change - edited by Niki Harre and Quentin D. Atkinson » Read more

Wellington Governance

The purpose of this page is to clarify the roles and governance of both the "Transition Towns of Wellington" and the steering committee. Of particular interest is the relationship between the TToW and the individual Transition initiative around the Wellington region (Karori, Lower Hutt, Newtown, Brooklyn, etc)

Group Objective

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