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Automated Processes You Should Start Using Today to Save Time and Drive Results

“In today’s fast-paced business world, time is of the essence. With an ever-increasing number of tasks and responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on your plate. 

However, there is a solution to this problem – automation. By harnessing the power of automation, businesses can save time, increase efficiency, and drive results. 

From conversion rate optimization tools to LinkedIn automation tools, there are a variety of automated processes that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. 

In this discussion, we will explore the many benefits of automation and why it’s an essential tool for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s market.”

1. Swordfish

Swordfish is a  B2B prospecting tool that is automated and can save time and drive results by automating repetitive tasks such as lead generation, email campaigns, and data entry. 

Some key features to look for in an automated B2B prospecting tool include:

  • Lead generation: The ability to quickly and easily find potential leads based on specific criteria, such as industry, company size, location, etc.
  • Email campaigns: The ability to send targeted, personalized emails to potential leads at scale and track engagement and follow-up.
  • Data entry: The ability to quickly and easily input and organize leads and their contact information and update it as needed.
  • CRM integration: The ability to integrate with your CRM platform so that you can manage all of your leads and customer interactions in one place.
  • Analytic and Reporting: The ability to track and analyze the performance of your campaigns and use that data to optimize your prospecting strategy.

Overall, swordfish prospecting tools can save time and drive results by streamlining lead generation and follow-up and providing valuable insights into your prospecting efforts.

2. Client outreach

Client outreach tool is an automated process that helps businesses communicate more efficiently and effectively with their clients or potential clients. 

This tool typically includes features such as email automation, lead generation, and CRM (customer relationship management) functionality. 

By automating repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails or scheduling meetings, these tools can save businesses a significant amount of time. 

Additionally, Client outreach offers features such as personalization and segmentation, which can help businesses tailor their communication to specific groups of clients or leads, increasing the chances of success.

This automated tool also helps businesses track and analyze their outreach efforts, providing valuable insights into what is working and what isn’t. 

By using Client outreach, businesses can easily manage large numbers of contacts, schedule follow-up tasks, and keep track of communication history, which can lead to better organization and more efficient use of time.

Overall, client outreach saves time and drives results by automating repetitive tasks, providing personalization and segmentation options, and allowing businesses to analyze and track their outreach efforts.

3. Fozzie

Fozzie is an automated outreach sales tool which typically includes features such as email or message templates, personalized and automated follow-ups, and lead tracking and management. 

These features allow you to save time by automating repetitive tasks such as sending initial outreach messages and tracking the status of leads. 

Additionally, automated tools can help drive results by personalizing messages and ensuring that follow-ups are sent on time, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers. 

4. Sales Robot

Sales robot is a LinkedIn automation tool that automates certain tasks related to using LinkedIn, such as sending connection requests, sending messages, and posting updates. 

This tool saves you time by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending connection requests to potential clients or leads. 

Additionally, Sales Robot includes features such as message templates and scheduling, making it easier for businesses to communicate with their connections in a personalized and timely manner.

 This LinkedIn automation tool also helps businesses increase their visibility on the platform by automating publishing updates and engaging with content, which can lead to more connections, and followers and ultimately drive results.

By using Sales Robot, businesses can also improve their targeting and segmentation of their audience by using the tools filtering and segmentation feature. 

This enables businesses to focus their outreach efforts on the most relevant and high-value connections, increasing the chances of success.

Overall, Sales Robot can save time and drive results by automating repetitive tasks, providing personalization and segmentation options, and allowing businesses to increase their visibility and reach on the platform.

5. Syncari

Synacari is an automated Salesforce dedupe tool that helps you identify and merge duplicate records in your Salesforce database; This helps ensure that your data is clean, accurate, and up-to-date, leading to better decision-making and more efficient operations.

Because it has an automated process of identifying and merging duplicate records, Syncari saves you significant time that would otherwise be spent manually reviewing and merging records. 

Additionally, it helps to reduce the chances of human error, leading to more accurate and reliable data.

Using a deduplication tool like Syncari also aids in improving your marketing campaigns and sales efforts by ensuring that your contacts are unique and up-to-date, which can lead to better segmentation and targeting. 

6. Clientvenue

Clientvenue is an automated advertising agency project management tool that helps to streamline the workflow and communication within an agency. 

It helps to keep track of tasks and deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress, all in one place. This can help to save time by eliminating the need for multiple meetings, email chains, and spreadsheets.

Clientvenue also aids in driving results by ensuring that all team members are on the same page and that projects are completed on time. 

This can lead to better collaboration and communication, resulting in more effective campaigns and happier clients.

Additionally, automated project management tools like Clientvenue help to improve the agency’s overall efficiency by automating repetitive tasks such as time tracking, invoicing, and budget management. 

This can help to minimize errors and ensure that projects stay on track and within budget.

7. Web Scraping Api

Webscrapingapi is an automated  web scraping tool that can automatically extract data from multiple web pages without requiring manual input. 

This tool typically uses a combination of programming languages and libraries, such as Python and Beautiful Soup, to scrape and parse information from web pages.

Web Scraping Api saves time and drives results by allowing you to quickly gather large amounts of data from various sources, which can then be used for research, analysis, or other purposes. 

This tool can be easily integrated into your workflow and automate repetitive tasks such as data collection, cleaning, and visualization.

8. Redactable

Redactable is an automated redaction tool that automatically identifies and removes sensitive information from a document without requiring manual intervention. 

This redacting tool uses algorithms to search for and identify specific types of information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or confidential business data, and then redact that information to protect it from unauthorized access.

Some of the benefits of using redactable tool include the following:

  • Time savings: Redactable can quickly scan large volumes of documents and redact sensitive information, saving time and labor compared to manual redaction.
  • Increased accuracy: Redactable is programmed to identify specific types of sensitive information, reducing the risk of human error or oversight.
  • Improved security: Redactable provides an extra layer of security for sensitive information, helping to prevent data breaches and protect against liability.

You can start using an automated redaction tool today to save time and drive results by researching and selecting a tool that meets your specific needs and implementing it into your workflow.


Betterzila is a SaaS SEO (software-as-a-service) that automates various aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) to help businesses improve their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to their websites. 

This tool can be used for various tasks, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and analytics tracking.

Some of the benefits of using an automated Betterzila tool include the following:

  • Time savings: Betterzilla performs keyword research and on-page optimization more quickly and efficiently than manual methods.
  • Increased accuracy: Betterzila analyzes large amounts of data and provides more accurate and actionable insights than manual methods.
  • Improved scalability: Betteezila can handle larger-scale SEO projects, such as tracking the performance of thousands of keywords across multiple websites, which can be difficult to do manually.
  • Competitive analysis: Betterzila provides

an in-depth analysis of your competitors and how they are performing in terms of SEO and help you to understand what you need to do to outperform them.

You can start using Betterzila automated SaaS SEO tool today to save time and drive results by researching and selecting a tool that meets your specific needs and implementing it into your workflow. 

You can use the tool for keyword research, on-page optimization, link building and analytics tracking, which will help you to improve your online visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website.


Squidvision is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool that helps businesses increase their website’s conversion rate by making it easier for visitors to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. 

Squidvision uses data analysis and A/B testing to identify areas of improvement on a website and then provide recommendations for changes that can be made to increase conversions. 

Squidvision saves time and drives results by automating the process of identifying and implementing changes to a website that are likely to increase conversions. 


In conclusion, automation is a powerful tool that can help businesses save time and drive results. 

From conversion rate optimization tools to LinkedIn automation tools, various automated processes can help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. 

By automating repetitive tasks, providing personalization and segmentation options, and allowing businesses to analyze and track their efforts, these tools can help businesses increase their efficiency and effectiveness. 

So, if you want to stay competitive in today’s market and make the most of your time and resources, consider implementing automation into your business operations today.

The Best Casinos in New Zealand: Where to Find Them

One of the most popular past times in New Zealand is betting. There is a wide variety of casinos available for your enjoyment. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, New Zealand is home to several excellent casinos. These casinos are among the best in the country because they provide a wide range of games, many betting opportunities, delicious food and drinks, and a lively environment. Check out the Christchurch Casino, SkyCity Auckland, and Wellington Casino Hire, among others, if you’re seeking the best casinos New Zealand has to offer.

Christchurch Casino

When it comes to casinos in New Zealand, the most well-liked and highly-rated one is Christchurch Casino. The variety of games available at this casino is one of the reasons it is considered among the finest in the country. Slot machines and table games like poker and blackjack are available to visitors. When a casino has a wide variety of games available, patrons have a better chance of finding something that piques their interest.

When gambling at Christchurch Casino, you are free to wager as much as you choose. These games all have modest required wagers, so they’re accessible to players on tight budgets. Bets as little as $5 are often accepted on most games. The more you wager, the bigger your potential payout will be, just as in many other casino games.

Christchurch Casino’s unique ambience is one of the reasons it stands out among the other casinos in the country. The casino is home to some of the industry’s finest layouts and furnishings, including plush carpeting, elegant table settings, and a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere. You may take a break from gambling and have a drink at one of the casino’s fine dining casinos. By maintaining a high standard, Christchurch Casino ensures that its patrons will return again and again to try their luck at the gaming tables.

Guests of this casino may choose from several excellent dining options. Aside from the excellent food, the restaurant also has a laid-back vibe. Not only can you enjoy a meal at the fine dining establishment, but you can also relax with a drink at the bar while waiting for your turn at the gaming tables.

SkyCity Auckland

When it comes to New Zealand casinos, SkyCity Auckland consistently ranks high in both customer satisfaction and popularity. This casino, like the one in Christchurch, New Zealand, has great food and drink options, a large variety of entertaining games, and a relaxing ambience. If you’re seeking a great time at a casino in New Zealand, you should check out SkyCity Auckland.

The variety of games available at a casino is a major factor in choosing where to gamble. SkyCity Auckland offers a wide variety of gambling options. Those who look forwards to playing blackjack and poker will have unlimited access to these games. There are additional slot machine games that provide players with more options and higher payouts. When you visit Skycity Auckland Casino, you may play games including roulette and baccarat.

Every game in this casino has a minimum and maximum wager that may be set by the player. This casino’s table games all have the same minimum wager requirements as those at other casinos. If you’ve ever been to a casino before, you know that you may place a wager of any size on any game you choose and still have a chance to win money.

When choosing a casino, it’s also important to consider the ambience and general vibe of the place. SkyCity Auckland offers one of the most opulent settings in the country for casino gaming. You may wager and play casino games on state-of-the-art digital gadgets at this establishment. The casino’s interior design and furnishings are worthy of a palace. SkyCity Auckland is a popular destination for regulars in search of a sophisticated and exciting casino environment.

Even while it’s fun to spend time at casinos playing games, you can get hungry or thirsty. When you visit Skycity Auckland, you may eat well at any time. The restaurant has a sophisticated ambience and serves some of the greatest meals in town. When you eat at the restaurant inside of the casino, you may choose from a wide variety of delicious options. In addition to a full menu and relaxing ambience, the bar is a great place to unwind after a meal.

SkyCity Queenstown Casino

SkyCity Queenstown is another great choice whenever you’re ready to visit a casino while in New Zealand. When you visit a SkyCity casino, you know you’re going to one of the best gambling establishments in the country. Queenstown Casino is home to a wide variety of high-quality gaming options, several of which include large cash payouts. This casino offers not only a great variety of games, but also a modern restaurant, a relaxing bar, and a comfortable environment in which to play them.

There is a wide variety of games available at the Skycity Queenstown Casino. All the standard casino table games and slot machine games are available here. Slot machine games provide a wide variety of wagering possibilities, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of games based on a wide variety of themes. If you’d rather play a more conventional table game, you may choose from a selection of the industry’s most popular card and table options including roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. Queenstown Casino ensures that its guests have a good time by providing them with a large variety of exciting games.

To participate in the games offered by this casino, a minimum bet must be placed. You can get started playing several games for as little as $5 or $10 for each wager. You can place wagers with this small sum, but you can also wager more to boost your possible payout. This casino has some of the best wagering conditions in New Zealand, allowing guests to wager as little or as much as they desire.

The ambience of SkyCity Queenstown Casino is a major selling element. In this casino, you will always be treated to service that is both high-end and welcoming. People working there, especially the dealers, will treat you like royalty. The casino features a helpful staff and cutting-edge equipment to provide you with the best time while gambling.

Besides a nice variety of games and a relaxing ambience, this casino also has a restaurant and bar for its patrons. Enjoy a delicious afternoon or evening meal at the casino’s fine dining establishment. So, if you’re searching for a spot to have lunch or supper, the casino is a great option. At the casino’s bar, you may get a drink while you wait for your turn.

The best places to visit in Auckland New Zealand  

Auckland, New Zealand is a beautiful place with plenty of things to see and do. In this blog post, we will share with you some of the best places to visit in Auckland. From its stunning beaches and coastline to its vibrant city life, there is something for everyone in Auckland.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is one of New Zealand’s top tourist destinations, and for good reason! Situated right in the heart of the city, Auckland Zoo offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of the country’s most iconic animals. native birds.

From lions and tigers to giraffes and monkeys, there is something for everyone at Auckland Zoo. Plus, with regular keeper talks and animal encounters, you’ll be sure to learn something new during your visit!

The Waitemata Harbour

The best places to visit in Auckland New Zealand are many and varied, but one of the absolute must-sees in the Waitemata Harbour. This stunning harbour is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, with its sparkling water and picturesque backdrop.

Whether you’re taking a stroll along the waterfront, or enjoying a delicious meal at one of the harbourside restaurants, there’s something for everyone at this breathtaking location.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Auckland is commonly known as the ‘City of Sails’, and it offers a plethora of tourist attractions – one of which is Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium. The aquarium was opened in 1985 and has since been entertaining and educating visitors on the myriad of sea life that calls New Zealand home.

From sharks to penguins, stingrays to turtles, there is something for everyone at Kelly Tarlton’s. And with daily shows and educational talks, you’re guaranteed to leave with a new appreciation for the underwater world!

Rangitoto island

Rangitoto is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. The island is an iconic symbol of Auckland, with its unique symmetrical cone shape and lush vegetation. Rangitoto is also home to the largest forest of Pohutukawa trees in the world.

The island was formed by a series of eruptions starting around 800 years ago. The most recent eruption occurred in the early 1800s, and the island has been uninhabited since then.

Today, Rangitoto is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming to hike to the summit, enjoy the views, and explore the island’s unique ecosystem. There is also a ferry service that runs from Auckland to Rangitoto, making it easy to get there and back in a day.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

The Auckland Botanic Gardens are a true oasis in the city. With over 55 hectares of land to explore, the gardens are home to an incredible variety of plant life from all over the world.

The gardens are also a great place to relax and unwind. With plenty of benches and picnic tables dotted around, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet moment with a good book.

And for those wanting to get active, there are plenty of walking and cycling tracks to enjoy. The gardens are also a popular spot for weddings and other special events.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or just want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, the Auckland Botanic Gardens are worth a visit.

Matangi Island

In recent years Auckland has been sharing Matangi Island with Wellington. The two regions have been working together to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Auckland and Wellington have been sharing Matangi Island since 2014. The two regions have been working together to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Auckland and Wellington share a lot in common. Both regions are home to a diverse range of people and cultures. Both regions have a strong economy and are home to many businesses.

The two regions have been working together to improve the quality of life for all residents. Auckland and Wellington have been sharing Matangi Island since 2014. The two regions have been working together to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Auckland and Wellington share a lot in common. Both regions are home to a diverse range of people and cultures. Both regions have a strong economy and are home to many businesses.


There is no doubt that Auckland is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. It is a beautiful city with plenty of things to see and do. The locals are friendly and there is a great range of accommodations and restaurants to choose from. Whether you are interested in history, or culture, or just want to enjoy the stunning scenery, Auckland is the perfect destination.

SkyCity is Having a Positive Effect on Auckland


Auckland is thriving with the recent addition of SkyCity. The casino and hotel complex has brought jobs and money to the local economy and is expected to affect tourism in the city positively. SkyCity has already announced its interim results for FY22, and it is clear that the complex is doing well. In this article, we will explore the positive effects that SkyCity is having on Auckland.

1. Economy

The first positive effect is economic. SkyCity has created over 2000 jobs in Auckland, and it is estimated that the complex will generate $490 million for the city each year. This is a much-needed boost to the economy, and it is expected that the positive effects will only grow in the future.

2. Tourism

The second positive effect is on tourism. SkyCity is a world-class complex, and it is attracting visitors from all over the world. The hotel is one of the best in Auckland, and the casino is a popular destination for gamblers. This is having a positive effect on tourism in the city, and it is expected that more people will visit Auckland in the future. The opening of the SkyCity Convention Centre in October 2019 is set to boost Auckland’s already thriving tourism industry, with the venue hosting a range of international events and exhibitions. SkyCity is also home to the iconic Sky Tower, which attracts visitors from all over the world. The tower offers stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside and a range of teleport options for those looking to travel further afield. With its diverse range of attractions, SkyCity is positively affecting Auckland tourism and will become a major player in the city’s economy. skycity auckland

3. Charity

The third positive effect is social. SkyCity has been working with local charities and organisations to help make Auckland a better place. The complex has helped fund projects such as housing for the homeless, and it has also contributed to community initiatives such as planting trees in public parks. This makes SkyCity more than just a business; it is a positive force in the community. It provides free training and development programs for its employees, helping them build skills and progress in their careers. The company also supports several community initiatives, such as youth mentoring programs and cultural events. As a result, SkyCity is not only an important part of Auckland’s skyline but also an important part of the city’s social fabric.

4. Climate Change

The fourth positive effect is environmental. SkyCity has committed to sustainability, and it is working to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has installed one of the world’s largest solar panel arrays on the roof of its convention centre. The array generates enough electricity to power 1,200 homes and reduces SkyCity’s carbon emissions by 1,500 tonnes a year. They have also planted over 5,000 native trees and shrubs around their Auckland property. The company’s goal is to offset its carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by 2025. In addition to its environmental initiatives, it advocates for the switch to LED lighting, estimated to save around $300,000 in energy costs each year. In addition, SkyCity is working with a local company to install solar panels on the car park roof. This will generate renewable energy and create a shading effect that will help keep the car park cooler in summer. SkyCity is also committed to recycling and waste reduction and has installed a state-of-the-art sorting system to recycle up to 95% of waste. SkyCity is having a positive effect on Auckland in many ways. The economy, tourism, charity, and climate change are all benefiting from the presence of this world-class complex. It is clear that SkyCity is making a positive difference in the city, and this is expected to continue in the future. SkyCity is also the perfect destination for your next vacation. With plenty of activities to keep you busy, delicious food options, and a variety of accommodations, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for your trip. Whether you want to stay in the heart of the action or get away from it all, SkyCity has something for everyone. The following is everything you need to know about SkyCity operating as a hotel. SkyCity Darwin is currently operating as a hotel. Darwin locals and interstate visitors can now enjoy overnight stays in the heart of the CBD with all the features and amenities of a 4.5-star hotel. The property includes:

  • 139 well-appointed guest rooms.
  • A heated outdoor pool.
  • Onsite restaurants and bars.
  • 24-hour reception.
  • Concierge services.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and parking.
  • A fitness centre.
  • State-of-the-art conferencing and event facilities.

skycity darwin Located just minutes from the airport, SkyCity Darwin is the perfect base for exploring all that the Top End offers. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, our friendly team will ensure that your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. We look forward to welcoming you to SkyCity Darwin. As well as being a popular tourist destination, SkyCity is also home to several businesses and events. The company operating SkyCity is SKYCORP (SkyCity operators), an international business that owns and operates both land-based casinos and SkyCity online hotels and restaurants in Australasia, North America, Europe and Asia. SKYCORP also has several other interests in the leisure, entertainment and property sectors. In addition to its casino operations, SkyCity also owns and operates two hotels in Auckland City – The Grand Hotel and The Metropolis. The Grand Hotel is a five-star hotel located on Albert Street, in the heart of the city centre. Featuring 300 luxury guest rooms and suites, The Grand Hotel is one of Auckland’s most iconic landmarks. The Metropolis is a modern four-star hotel located on Hobson Street, just a short walk from the CBD. With 200 well-appointed guest rooms and suites, The Metropolis offers guests a stylish and convenient base from which to explore Auckland. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that SkyCity is positively affecting Auckland! Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation or a place to do business, this complex has something for everyone. With its commitment to sustainability and community initiatives, it’s clear that SkyCity is making a difference in the city. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing complex!

Skycity casino: What makes it a top casino?

SkyCity Casino is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It features more than 150 table games and 2,100 gaming machines. Its entrance and elevators are wheelchair accessible.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The casino adheres to the red setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework or traffic lights. To enter, guests can show their printed vaccine pass with valid photo identification or My Vaccine Pass. They must always wear a covering or mask and check in with a QR code or complete a manual form.

  1. Black, Platinum, and the casino’s floor and Baccarat Room on level 3 are open 24/7, except on Good Friday, Christmas and from 3 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Anzac Day.
  2. EIGHT is open from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. on weekends and 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. on weekdays.
  3. Platinum level 1 is open from noon on Fridays to 2 a.m. on Mondays.
  4. EIGHT and Platinum level 1 hour change on the holidays mentioned above.
  5. Premier Rewards Programme membership statuses won’t be considered for downgrades until the end of June 2022. Premium Bonus Dollars and Points balances were paused during the latest lockdown and will stay valid until the end of April 2022.
  6. Free Play gifted or earned beginning in July 2021 and onwards will remain valid until the end of March 2022.


The Poker Room is temporarily closed.

SkyCity offers a variety of roulette, blackjack and poker games, including Caribbean Stud Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em with progressive jackpots. Its other offerings include Money Wheel, Tai sai and pai how.

  1. The Baccarat Room provides over 20 tables and in-room offers and promotions.
  2. PLATINUM is the salon for gaming machine players, and VIP BLACK is a luxury gaming machine environment.
  3. EIGHT is reserved for valued table game players.
  4. Domestic and international hosts will welcome guests. Table games staff can explain games or the rules.
  5. Members can participate in Power Winners’ promotions to win instant prizes or Premier Bonus Dollars while enjoying gaming machines.
  6. They can also receive invitations to claim Premier Bonus Dollar rewards on Free Play Days for free.

Premier Rewards

Guests who aren’t excluded from SkyCity’s premises and are aged 20 or older can sign up for the free Premier Rewards Programme membership on site. It gives access to competitions and draws and the ability to earn Premier Points. Every 100 Premier Points equals $1 in value, and they’re valid for six months from accrual dates. Guests can spend points across the site, and they will need a valid type of photo ID to join.

When members play table games or gaming machines, they can present the Premier Rewards card to earn Premier Points. These can be converted to Bonus Play Chips (not accepted for poker and rapid roulette) by going to the cashier. Guests can receive gaming machine credits by inserting the card into a card reader, choosing My Balance and entering the PIN.

SkyCity Casino gives members Premier Bonus Dollars. Guests can redeem them for Bonus Play Chips for table games and/or gaming machine credits for gaming machines. They can be used for up to three months from when they’re issued. Each Premier Bonus Dollar is equivalent to $1 in Bonus Play Chips or gaming machine credits.

Members can download the SkyCity app or go online for account information and offer and promotion details (the current promo gives guests free car parking). Additionally, members can upgrade to just the Gold and Sapphire tiers and update their contact details.

Premier Rewards Tiers

New members begin in the Ruby tier and move up by earning points during a six month review period. All tiers include access to promotions and prize draws and the ability to spend Premier Points across the site. Members can enter the Platinum and VIP Black tiers by invite only; the first gives access to PLATINUM levels 1 and 3 and EIGHT, and the second gives access to VIP BLACK and EIGHT.


Members can sign up for and activate QUICK Pay by visiting any VIP Reception or Premier Rewards Station with an official document that confirms the current residential address and photo ID. It’s free, and some of the benefits include: keeping money safe, downloading funds from the QUICK Pay card onto the gaming machine directly, withdrawing funds from the Premier Rewards card at the cashier or QUICK Exchange machine, loading gaming machine winnings and credits directly to the Premier Rewards card, and managing how much money and/or time is spent on gaming machines. Members can still make deposits at the cashier if they choose to do so.

Safety Measures

To combat money laundering, the casino verifies customers’ identities through documents when they are conducting big electronic transfers or cash transactions that amount to $6,000 or more; it can be a series of transactions or a single one. If they’re opening a QUICK Pay or casino deposit account, SkyCity will have to verify the home address.

The casino also verifies the sources of customers’ funds. Customers will have to show independent documents as proof. While waiting to process the information, SkyCity may place restrictions on accounts; any information will be kept secure and safe.

Host Responsibility Programme

The casino has implemented initiates due to the Host Responsibility Programme. Staff will monitor and control alcohol consumption and will keep intoxicated people from the premises. The staff also is trained in problem gambling awareness. Team members will support customers, give information on problem gambling and work with close family members or whānau. A helpline is also available.

Staff will ask anyone begging, loan sharking or with unpleasant attitudes to leave.

Guests can take part in third-party or self-identified exclusion to control gambling. The processes are discreet and can be done from 3 to 24 months (third-party exclusion lasts for two years). Re-entry conditions will apply. Guests can talk to the security team, go to a security desk or speak to Host Responsibility to do this.

Places In Auckland To Have Adventurous Experience

Places In Auckland To Have Adventurous Experience

If you are looking for adventure, Auckland will not disappoint you. Auckland, surrounded by hills, islands, and water bodies, offers a diverse choice of activities. Take a look at some of the daredevil activities you can engage in to showcase your bravery.

Immerse yourself in Piha

Piha is a perfect go-to holiday spot that surrounds itself with the sea, forests, and mountains. Dive into the depths of the waters and let yourself get carried away by the mighty waves. If you are hydrophobic, not to worry! Walkthrough the volcanic rock with war graves and Maori carvings and experience magnificent waterfalls running through the canyon.

Jump off the bridge

 Jump off the bridge

Want to jump off a bridge? Visit Auckland Harbour Bridge and make your wish come true. A bridge made by combining three bridges is one of the most popular spots for an adventure. Take a walk on the bridge to experience the beauty of Auckland. If you want something extra, you cannot miss out on visiting this place where you not only get to opt for a traditional bungee but dunk yourself in an ocean.

Take in the beauty from the sky.

While skydiving over Aukland, feel the thrill of excitement rushing through your veins. If you are a true adventurer, you must visit Skydive Aukland at least once in your lifetime. Jump out of a plane and take in the breathtaking view of the city from above, which is packed with natural beauty. When in Aukland, go for it!

 Visit the Sky Tower

Auckland’s Sky Tower is one of the city’s most well-known attractions. Try a skywalk or a sky jump instead if you’re not sure you’re ready for a skydive—a relatively inexpensive spot to get some thrills that are also safe for you. While still harnessed, enjoy strolling along the edge of the platform and taking in the city’s breathtaking beauty surrounded by mountains and islands. The sky jump is terrifying, but it is well worth the money! Grab the chance to take stunning photos from the height.

marine time

Have some marine time

Do you want to experience fear while having an adventure? To have this sensation, go to Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium. A habitat to Great White Sharks that will have you on the edge of your seat. Choose between snorkeling safely in a cage or scuba diving amid these massive beasts without a cage. If you feel your life could be in danger, simply travel through the tunnel-like aquarium, admiring the beauty of other sea species, and enjoy your marine time.

Kayak around Hauraki Gulf

A trip to Rangitoto Island is a must for anyone who considers themselves brave. Humans cannot live on Auckland’s largest and most recent volcano, surrounded by islands and beaches. Reach the spot in the afternoon and spend the afternoon kayaking around the Hauraki Gulf. Enjoy a sunset and a fantastic BBQ dinner to round out your day. You can’t afford to miss out on an adventure paired with serenity!

Measures To Be Taken To Live In The Transition Town Of Auckland

You might be wondering what are transition town after hearing the term. The whole idea of building these towns is to be locally active, economical, and sustainable. We are here to help you know more about transition towns, particularly in Auckland.

 What is a transition town?

Transition Towns are diverse communities of numerous types. The goal of these transition towns is to share their knowledge and make their communities more ecological. It’s about cities, villages, and regions working to become less energy-dependent and more sustainable.

Local food production and consumption are among the transition initiatives. Supporting mass transportation and bike and ultimately, create plastic-free zones are a few of their agendas. These communities also host zero-waste, trash reduction, recycling activities and workshops, and environmental projects at local schools.

transition towns

History of transition towns

Finn Mackesy and Niki Harre, two Point Chevalier residents, co-founded Transition Point Chevalier in 2008. They became members of the community because they were concerned about climate change. Today it’s encouraging to see how many Point Chevalier people are now active in Transition activities in the area.

Significant measures taken towards a higher quality of life in Auckland’s transition towns

A set of rules has to be followed to sustain the genuineness of a transition town. Below is a list of the same.

Shared gardens

On the first Sunday of each month, residents collaborate in each other’s organic gardens. The purpose is to promote urban agricultural production and healthy gardens.

Exchange of things

Food, time, and skills are exchanged at the Point Chevalier Community Garden, located at a local community center. Implementing community-supported agriculture is a part of the journey.

Planting trees

It was simple to get the Auckland Council’s approval on a local public reserve where the community orchard is being built to plant lemon, avocado, and banana trees.

Purchasing group

Transition Point Chevalier Purchasing Group is a group of 20 people who buy from local producers and distributors to reduce food travel. This process is an alternative to traditional supermarket shopping. Natural, local, better deal, less packing, reliability, and value are all factors in selecting products. Purchasing is a crucial aspect of building a more environmentally conscious society and caring for one another.

Collaboration of community and school

Transition Point Chevalier collaborates with Point Chevalier School to establish a location for soft-plastic recycling; as a result, the amount of local plastic going to the landfill has decreased dramatically. A company like Enviroreel reuses plastic to manufacture wheels, wire covers, and garden curbing, among other things.

School working with community

To create a robust sustainability program, Point Chevalier School works with the community. Fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs are planted in school gardens, and students collect and prepare the food. The school reuses soft plastic, paper, and cardboard and regenerates food waste using worm farms and compost piles.

Places You Should Visit In Auckland Perfect For All Age Groups

Places You Should Visit In Auckland Perfect For All Age Groups

Situated on the harbour side of New Zealand, Auckland is a city widely known as the “city of sails.” The residents and tourists have a lot to look forward to what Auckland has to offer. Whether you want to make your trip an adventurous one or one loaded with learning opportunities is entirely up to you. This article will primarily focus on non-adventurous sites in Auckland that anyone can visit throughout their stay in the city.

Delve into the past

If you love history and want to learn more about the New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War I, this museum is an excellent place to start. The War Memorial Museum in Auckland is housed in a Neoclassical structure that Maori warriors formerly used in the 18th century. The museum houses historical artifacts from that period and previously. You can find look through a vast collection of artifacts tracing the history of Aukland here. Take a tour of a Maori gallery, which features artwork ranging from the 12th through 14th centuries. With the museum’s workshops and lectures, you may delve into the depths of Maori history.

The Volcanic Cone

 The Volcanic Cone

The volcanic cone of One Tree Hill, also known as Maungakieke, symbolizes pride for many Aucklanders. The hill surrounds itself by the beautiful Cornwall Park, which features beautiful gardens and mature trees. Dawdle through the park and observe the scenery nestled amongst walking paths. Take in the magnificent views of the cityscape from the hilltop. A beautiful place to visit with your family!

Get inspired by European Art.

If you’re passionate about art, the Auckland Art Gallery is the place to go! One of Auckland’s more stunning cultural attractions. The gallery was erected in the French Renaissance style structure from 1887. The gallery is home to New Zealand’s largest art collection. Visit the museum to know more about European art and sculpture from the 14th century. After visiting this location, make sure to take some inspiration home with you.

Auckland Art Gallery

Stay on beach

There are multiple Gulf islands in Auckland, the most famous of which is Waiheke Island. Visit the site and connect with the folks who live on the island and run art galleries. Spend some time in bustling cafes and wander along the beach’s beautiful white sand. A great spot to spend time with friends and family, where you may walk or trek to your liking. If you still haven’t had enough of the place, several cottage rentals are available along the beach to spend some more time.

Spend time on the water

Have a brief time to spend in Auckland? Choose dolphin and whale watching and make the most of it. In Viaduct Harbour, you can book a cruise tour. You will not only see dolphins and whales, but you will also be able to soak in the city’s scenic beauty, as well as the islands and beaches, all from one spot. The time you spend in Auckland will be well spent on this cruise tour. So grab your binoculars and caps and get ready for a joy ride!

Know About SkyCity Auckland

SkyCity Auckland

Skycity Auckland is a recreational facility in Auckland, New Zealand. It was New Zealand’s second casino, and it is still the city’s only casino. It can be found at the bottom of the Sky Tower. We’re confident you’d like to know more about it.

What does SkyCity Auckland offer?

SkyCity Auckland has a wide range of amenities to offer its visitors. These services are listed below:


Aukland SkyCity hotels offer 5-star and 4-star luxury accommodations. Throughout your stay, you will be surrounded by a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

range of cuisines


You can pick from a range of cuisines in Auckland SkyCity restaurants. Not only can you taste true New Zealand cuisine, but you can also explore cuisine from throughout the world. You can relax at the rooftop bar or have a burger at the burger cafe. It is entirely up to you to make your choice.

Sky Tower

From the iconic Sky Tower, take in the total panoramic sight of the city. While the restaurant rotates, you can relax and eat or simply grab a coffee. The tower also features a gift shop and a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as free Wi-Fi. The only limitation is that wifi is dependent on network availability.

SkyCity Auckland and its casino

The world’s most popular casino games can be found at Auckland SkyCity, a stunning location. SkyCity is thrilled as a trustworthy host. Make sure you’re over the age of 20, and dressed appropriately, for you to have fun.

Gaming machines

SkyCity’s Gaming Machines are marvellous, so get ready to be captivated by their amazing Gaming Machine features, which are available on over two thousand Gaming Machines.

Table games

Table Games are available at SkyCity Auckland, including the classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. If you’re unsure about the game’s rules, you can learn how to play on their official website.

Table jackpot games

The progressive jackpots include games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em or Caribbean Stud Poker, where you can try your luck and win a jackpot. Because progressive jackpots are constantly changing, you can check their official website to see what the current jackpot value is before putting your bets.

SkyCity poker

Every Sunday from morning to 8 p.m., the SkyCity Auckland poker room is officially open. The games, on the other hand, only allow you to play cash games. So get ready to try your luck at SkyCity’s poker table.

VIP gaming

SkyCity Auckland has always treasured its customers, therefore they provide a variety of VIP programmes that are both unique and rewarding.


Premier rewardsdiscover exciting rewards

You can discover exciting rewards at SkyCity Auckland. SkyCity Auckland’s premier rewards will compel you to return more frequently. By becoming a member of their casino, you will get access to events as well as amazing food and beverage deals. Members of Premier Rewards have access to any information at any time and from any place. All you have to do now is sign up and start enjoying the benefits.

Baccarat games

At Auckland SkyCity casino, there are over twenty baccarat tables to choose from. Except for Christmas, Good Friday, and between 3 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Anzac Day, the games are held 24 hours a day. Although there is a dress code for entering the casino, there is no dress code when playing Baccarat. Take advantage of various bonuses and promotions available to you. For your convenience, there are dedicated in-room hosts as well as cashiering services. Do you want to have a drink or smoke? There is a bar and private outdoor smoking spots readily available.

Skycity: A Spot That Is Prone To Covid-19 In Auckland

Skycity: A Spot That Is Prone To Covid-19 In Auckland

The whole country has been fighting with the current Covid-19 situation. On the other hand, New Zealand was the first country to declare the country free of covid, thanks to tight restrictions on individuals and a strong medical staff. The country complied with all of the relevant protocols to control the further spreading of covid cases. However, after six months, New Zealand uncovered yet another case of covid in Auckland this year in August of 2021.

covid case

Discovery of the covid case in Auckland

When the first case was discovered in Auckland after six months, many New Zealand citizens were forced to self-isolate themselves for the greater good of the country. On August 17, 2021, after months of being covid-free, a single case of covid was confirmed in Auckland’s most famous location, Auckland SkyCity.

According to SkyCity’s official website, the person who contracted the virus visited the casino’s main floor between 1:15 and 3 a.m. on August 14, 2021. Despite the strict procedures in place, officials are still uncertain about how the infected acquired the virus.

Self-isolation of people

According to Aukland’s local media, SkyCity Entertainment Group successfully identified roughly 1000 guests and 240 employees on the casino floor of the building simultaneously with the infected person. To avoid the spread of the new covid cases, these people were then expected to isolate themselves and stay in quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of any unsure covid cases.

As the CEO of SkyCity stated to Newsdesk during an interview, “Public Health Authorities have advised that all customers who were on the main gaming floor at the same time are deemed close contacts and are advised to stay at home, watch for symptoms, and get tested.”

Current conditions

Current conditions of SkyCity

Under New Zealand’s lockdown restrictions, SkyCity Auckland is now not operating. The casino and other public and most vulnerable places inside the building are undergoing a thorough cleaning.

The organization said that it would suspend casino and recreational facilities in Auckland along with their other branches in Hamilton, and Queenstown. Auckland decided to shutter the services for at least seven days. However, there has been no announcement on the official website as to when the facility will reopen.

For more information on visiting Auckland SkyCity, you can visit their official website.