Places You Should Visit In Auckland Perfect For All Age Groups

Places You Should Visit In Auckland Perfect For All Age Groups

Situated on the harbour side of New Zealand, Auckland is a city widely known as the “city of sails.” The residents and tourists have a lot to look forward to what Auckland has to offer. Whether you want to make your trip an adventurous one or one loaded with learning opportunities is entirely up to you. This article will primarily focus on non-adventurous sites in Auckland that anyone can visit throughout their stay in the city.

Delve into the past

If you love history and want to learn more about the New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War I, this museum is an excellent place to start. The War Memorial Museum in Auckland is housed in a Neoclassical structure that Maori warriors formerly used in the 18th century. The museum houses historical artifacts from that period and previously. You can find look through a vast collection of artifacts tracing the history of Aukland here. Take a tour of a Maori gallery, which features artwork ranging from the 12th through 14th centuries. With the museum’s workshops and lectures, you may delve into the depths of Maori history.

The Volcanic Cone

 The Volcanic Cone

The volcanic cone of One Tree Hill, also known as Maungakieke, symbolizes pride for many Aucklanders. The hill surrounds itself by the beautiful Cornwall Park, which features beautiful gardens and mature trees. Dawdle through the park and observe the scenery nestled amongst walking paths. Take in the magnificent views of the cityscape from the hilltop. A beautiful place to visit with your family!

Get inspired by European Art.

If you’re passionate about art, the Auckland Art Gallery is the place to go! One of Auckland’s more stunning cultural attractions. The gallery was erected in the French Renaissance style structure from 1887. The gallery is home to New Zealand’s largest art collection. Visit the museum to know more about European art and sculpture from the 14th century. After visiting this location, make sure to take some inspiration home with you.

Auckland Art Gallery

Stay on beach

There are multiple Gulf islands in Auckland, the most famous of which is Waiheke Island. Visit the site and connect with the folks who live on the island and run art galleries. Spend some time in bustling cafes and wander along the beach’s beautiful white sand. A great spot to spend time with friends and family, where you may walk or trek to your liking. If you still haven’t had enough of the place, several cottage rentals are available along the beach to spend some more time.

Spend time on the water

Have a brief time to spend in Auckland? Choose dolphin and whale watching and make the most of it. In Viaduct Harbour, you can book a cruise tour. You will not only see dolphins and whales, but you will also be able to soak in the city’s scenic beauty, as well as the islands and beaches, all from one spot. The time you spend in Auckland will be well spent on this cruise tour. So grab your binoculars and caps and get ready for a joy ride!